We11295938_10206714261804531_3569669413038039505_nlcome to our blog! All three of us graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in May of 2015. Residing in the same dorm building, our beloved Thomson Hall, we connected as Freshmen and enjoyed numerous invaluable adventures together throughout our college careers. From our Sweat suit Sundays to late night shenanigans we’ve had each others back through everything. Graduation was incredibly bittersweet and it was super tough to part ways.

Cue adulthood. We were all lucky enough to find jobs in our respective fields not long after graduating and are all navigating the obstacles and adventures the “real world” throws at us. Through this blog we aim to create content that makes you smile, chuckle to yourself awkwardly in public spaces, and reassure you that we understand the struggle. We welcome any questions, comments or post suggestions you may have. You can learn a little more about us individually in the tabs. Thanks for reading!