To My Lady Friends

To my lady friends,

I recently was working on project that included interviewing two teenage lady friends.

First of all, they were adorable.  They chatted about their musical taste, how they met, and the ups and downs of their high school experience.  As the interview progressed, they often laughed at our questions already knowing what the other was going to say.  When we asked about their guilty pleasure music, they answered for each other too embarrassed to say it themselves.

At one point, it developed into a compliment session.  Telling the camera why they admired each other and what they sought out in each other. One girl’s outgoing and bold personality complimented the others shy but confident demeanor.

As the interview progressed, I reflected on my own female friendships from my high school and college years.  Although I’m embarrassed to admit it, my eyes definitely misted up a few different times throughout the interview.  I laughed along knowing that if you were to put me in front of a camera with a number of my close female friends, a similar interview would play out.

I became acutely aware of the roles that my female friends have played in my life.  I thought of my friend who introduced me to the sounds of alternative music, the friend who was always there when you needed a good cry (or get ice cream three times in one day), the friend who pushed me out of my comfort zone, the friend who forced me to think differently, the friend who never let fear get in the way, the friend who you could count on to be down for ordering pizza with and knowing they wouldn’t count how many slices you ate.

These ladies have shaped me, pushed me, and accepted me.  Thank you.

But I’ve never sat across from these brilliant ladies and told them how important they are to me, why I admire them, or how they inspire me.

So I’m making it a personal mission this year to take the time to thank them for their help, guidance, and love.

Truly lady friends, you’re the best. I love you.