LateNight Blog Rant #2: New Years Revolutions

Happy New Year Everyone!

We kissed 2016 goodbye and welcomed in this shiny new 2017. With all its promise of change and glory, it’s a nice reason to look at life a little differently. So here is probably the MILLIONTH blog post on New Year’s resolutions/ reflection.

Everyone seems to be complaining about 2016. I mean hey, complain away. I didn’t have a perfect year either. I could go on and list all the just shitty things that happened to me this year (trust me, there has been a lot), but instead let’s raise a hypothetical glass.

Raise a glass to the new friends made in 2016; the new places explored; to the night’s we didn’t go to the gym and watched an entire season of The Office instead. As a pivotal point in our young lives don’t forget to find the good in all of life’s challenges. Take a second to just think back and appreciate all those wonderful moments that I know are hiding in your memories (Remember that first time you finally listened to the  Hamilton soundtrack?). And  finally give yourself a pat on the back for every time you you didn’t stay down.

2017 will bring a lot of change. As we get older we know how hard it is to find time for ourselves, hold on to old friends, and have an alcohol tolerance (SERIOUSLY, when did drinking become so hard?!)…But we aren’t in this alone.

So here’s to you fellow post-grads.  We got this.


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