Things Can Change

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic. When adulting hits me hardest I reflect back on how easy life seemed 10 years ago. Realistically I even remember things five years ago feeling like a walk in the park. So, for your reading pleasure, today I will reflect on the changes that have happened in my life over the last few years.

The value of $100

Then: I used to think it was basically impossible to hold $100 in my hand. However, I thought if I could I would be rich. My meager once-a-week banquet server paycheck seemed like a lot to me.

Now: Today I still think holding $100 in my hand is basically impossible. However, that’s because after rent, my phone bill, gas, roller derby fees and a few groceries I feel like there’s nothing left. Part of that is my tightwad mindset, but also adulting is hard.


Then: There was never enough snow. Snow meant snowmen, snow tunnels, king of the mountain, sledding and maybe, if we were super lucky, snow days!

Now: I hate snow. I hate cleaning off my car. I hate driving in snow. I hate shoveling and, most of all, I hate driving to work knowing some lucky kids have off school.


Then: Until I was 16 I “rocked” the ugliest set of straight bang there ever was. I FINALLY came to my sense and grew them out, but I should have done so years sooner. Photos make me cringe.

Now: For some reason I have bangs again. They are side bangs this time and I thought they would be fun. Some days they are great. Some days, not so much.


Then: I HATED running. The only reason I went out for track in high school was because I lost a bet with my sister.

Now: As weird as it is to say, I like to run. For some reason I decided to run track in college and that’s when things shifted for me. In fact, I completed my first half marathon in September and will be running my first 10k in March. The transition from sprinting to jogging was brutal, but worth it. My competitive years are behind me, but I prefer it that way.


Then: When I was growing up we did not have internet and our computer was 3GB…my current flash drive is 6GB.

Now: Just under two years ago I got my first smart phone. I feel like a magician.


Then: From film selfies to digital camera selfies, I did it all. I was pretty good at it too, although I think having long arms helped. The only downer was paying for the failed selfie when I still had a film camera.

Now: My IPhone has a front-facing camera. Again with the magician skills. A young Becky would be so impressed.


I finally got a smart phone in summer 2015 and my selfie game went through the roof. Now, I was never really one to take selfies of just me but I took tons with other people. I’m finally one of the cool kids.


Then: Who needed sleep? I was an invincible teenager/college student who worked jobs with weird hours. There are only three buildings on the UWSP campus I haven’t napped in.

Now: I go to bed at 10 p.m. during the week. I am no longer invincible.

I just want to take a moment to shout out to all the 90s kids out there who have similar recollections. It’s crazy how things change! But just remember, we got this.


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