Expect the Unexpected

I heard a strange ‘peep’ and I took a quick look
And you know what I saw with the look that I took?
A bird laid an egg on my ‘rithmetic book!
-Marco Comes Late


Questions young people hate hearing

Don’t you love it when curious relative ask those seemingly easy questions that leave you feeling lost? I bet you know exactly which ones I’m talking about. I certainly don’t have all the answers for those questions and I never have. However, when I entered my 20s I noticed I had less answers and there are were questions. I picked a few of my favorite questions to share with you and my thoughts on them.

Are you going to grad school?

No, I don’t think so. At this point it doesn’t make any sense for me to. Will I ever? I have now idea. It depends where life takes me.

Do you like your job?

Do you think I would tell you if I didn’t? I’m only going to tell you the highlights and what I love about it so you think I have my dream job. Heck, even if I love my job I’m still only going to tell you about the highlights.

What type of job are you looking for?

 One that pays. There are a lot of factors that go into accepting a position: location, pay, my interest and, honestly, if they’ll hire me. I’m willing to give you a vague idea or a description of my dream job but that’s about it. To be quite honest I’m not sure what’s next or what my dream job is.

Where’s the ring?

I don’t have one. I promise if I get engaged I won’t hide the ring so please stop asking me until I’m ready. Thanks.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Yes, he is in my back pocket. This type of information I would provide if I wanted to. I’d bring him if I was able to or tell you why he can’t make it. Chances are if there is someone I am interested in but it’s not official I’m not going to tell you about it because I don’t know what’s going on yet or it’s way too new.

What’s your plan?

Honestly my plan goes as far as the end of the day so there’s a good chance it involves me eating chocolate at some point. Past that I feel so lost most of the time I don’t know what’s going on at the end of the week much less years from now. What’s yours?

There are a lot of things to figure out after you graduate and become a real adult like getting a job, figuring out your insurance and budgeting properly to pay off student loans. Personally I’m super jealous of the people who land the perfect job and love it, have crazy budgeting skills or just seem to have all their ducks in a row. I feel like I can’t always find my ducks, much less put them in a row. Teach me your ways!

Four thoughts every new graduate has about making friends

You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. When you try to be as witty and hilarious as possible in the hopes of trying to make friends after leaving the safety of the college environment. I have literally considered chasing other runners in the hopes that they will want to be my friend. Don’t worry, I didn’t. But, at the time, it felt necessary. Making friends is hard. Here are a few thoughts that run through my head as I try to meet people these days.

Where are they?

After years of being surrounded by tons of people my age I had a hard time adjusting to reality where there wasn’t a pool of people waiting to become my friend. It turns out when you move away from your college town you have to put forth effort to find people year age with similar interests.

Why do I feel like an outsider?

Okay so I found someone my age and we get along really well, now what? She’s lived here for a while and has a bunch of friends, not to mention family, that live nearby. She doesn’t need me, but I need her. How do I refrain from coming across as a needy outsider? What happens when they share inside jokes?

Why can’t I think of anything to say?

When I meet someone who seems to have friend potential alarm bells go off in my head. POTENTIAL FRIEND ALERT! I usually get so excited my brain stops working and I forget how to make conversation. That’s when I fail. Who wants to be friends with a mute person? Or a boring one?

Did I really just say that?

When words do come out of my mouth I often times find myself wanting to immediately take them back. No one wants to hear about my socks. As soon as I say it I’m wondering if there’s any way they didn’t hear me or if they could have gone temporarily deaf to the sound of my voice. Unfortunately that has never been the case. Turns out an awkward giggle doesn’t help the situation.

If you’re awkward and hopeless like me this post may really hit home for you. If you’re a natural at making friends, feel free to teach my your ways. But to everyone out there searching for new friends, don’t be afraid to reach out first you never know how awesome someone is until you meet them.

There’s no wrong way

I bet you want a Reese’s now. I know I do. Bear with me as I create this metaphor though. I feel like it’s a pretty good one.

One of my very good friends recently informed me that there’s a bet in place for which one of us will get engaged first. This isn’t the first I’ve heard of this. A few months ago he told me I would definitely get engaged before he proposes.

At first I panicked and then for the rest of the night I denied it. The competitive part of me needed to win and get engaged after him. And then I thought about it…

There’s should NEVER be a contest for this sort of thing. He shouldn’t propose until both he and his girlfriend are ready and I shouldn’t get engaged until both me and my boyfriend are ready. If that means my friend gets engaged first, great. If that means I get enaged first, also great.

Much like there is no wrong way to eat a Reese’s there is also no wrong way to go about being in a relationship. Or, likewise, there is nothing wrong with being single. Take it from someone who, until pretty recently, did not believe in love.

coupleThere is no set age where you will meet “the one.” There is no time limit for when a relationship needs to take the next step into engagement or marriage. There is no age where you become too old to be single and should grow desperate or settle for who you are with even if they are not right.

Being single is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s probably better for you. You can take all your time and focus on making yourself happy and what you want. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to get married. There is no age where you are “doomed” if you haven’t met anyone yet.

For those in a committed relationship, you should not feel pressured to take the next step. There is no “right” diamond size size or ring price. If you are dating someone who is older than you who feels ready to settle down that does not mean that you have to feel ready. Yes, you are one  half of a relationship but that does not mean what feels right to your significant other feels right to you at the same time.

For those that have lost a spouse or significant other, there is not allotted amount of time for grieving. There is no magic number of days that should make you feel better. Like  the consumption of Reese’s, the grieving process is unique to every person. reeses-peanut-butter-400x400.jpg

You can be that person that eats all the chocolate off the peanut butter center of a Reese’s before indulging in the nutty goodness. You can be that person who seeks out a white chocolate Reese’s or Reese’s Pieces. Heck, you don’t even have to eat a Reese’s if you don’t want to. There is no wrong way.

Adulting Advice Told by Candy Slogans

I’m only wearing one sock today. I realized this two hours after I started working today. It’s been a rough week and, honestly, some days I wish I could take a break from adulting. Clearly I can’t handle it.

That being said I’ve been pretending I’m a real adult for almost two years now. Today is a less than impressive day for me, but most of the time I do a decent job. Here is some advice I have for my fellow fake adults and almost adults I picked up these handy tips from all the candy I eat which, for anyone that doesn’t know me, is a lot.

Give me a Break –Kit Kat

Maybe it’s the fact that Kit Kats have four parts, but in my opinion they’re pretty smart. We’re human. We all need breaks. Take a night off adulting and thinking about anything stressful and do something fun! Take a vacation! Let your mom take care of you when you’re home for the weekend. Let’s face it, you both want it.

Only Smarties have the answer. –Smarties

Be smart. If you don’t know the answer, it’s okay to ask questions. There are other adults, real ones even, out there that can help you. Your boss would rather have you ask the question than do something wrong and your parents know the answers to everything and love hearing from you. Heck, even your friends know a little about what’s up so ask those questions.

There’s no wrong way. –Reese’s

I’m pretty sure everyone I know is getting married this year. No, that’s not actually true but there are quite a few people that are. There is a small part of me that thinks they are all crazy. However, I’m wrong. They are ready. I’m not. Simple as that. For those of you that are single, good. It’s better to be single than with someone who isn’t good for you or makes you unhappy. The truth is, much like eating a Reese’s, there is no wrong way. Single, engaged, married or confused, you’re doing it right.

Melt in your mouth, not your hands. –M&Ms

I’m pretty sure most adults are superheroes. That or they practice magic. How does anyone have time to work all days and have dinner ready before 8 p.m.? This is still something I am trying to figure out. Granted I usually work out between work and super, but still even the days I don’t it can be a challenge. My solution? Crockpot recipes. Throw it all together before you go to work, or even the night before, and a “melt in your mouth” meal will be ready when you get home. Almost like magic.

Hungry? Why wait? –Snickers

Leftovers are your friend. They save a ton of time and taste almost as good. I used to hate them. But it turns out if you’re the only one around no one else will eat them and wasting food is no something I like to do. Therefore I suggest we all be like Snickers and embrace leftovers!

Well, there you have it. You should always listen to your candy. Which probably mean you should eat more of it. Please feel free to share any advice you have with me….or your candy. I welcome both.