There’s no wrong way

I bet you want a Reese’s now. I know I do. Bear with me as I create this metaphor though. I feel like it’s a pretty good one.

One of my very good friends recently informed me that there’s a bet in place for which one of us will get engaged first. This isn’t the first I’ve heard of this. A few months ago he told me I would definitely get engaged before he proposes.

At first I panicked and then for the rest of the night I denied it. The competitive part of me needed to win and get engaged after him. And then I thought about it…

There’s should NEVER be a contest for this sort of thing. He shouldn’t propose until both he and his girlfriend are ready and I shouldn’t get engaged until both me and my boyfriend are ready. If that means my friend gets engaged first, great. If that means I get enaged first, also great.

Much like there is no wrong way to eat a Reese’s there is also no wrong way to go about being in a relationship. Or, likewise, there is nothing wrong with being single. Take it from someone who, until pretty recently, did not believe in love.

coupleThere is no set age where you will meet “the one.” There is no time limit for when a relationship needs to take the next step into engagement or marriage. There is no age where you become too old to be single and should grow desperate or settle for who you are with even if they are not right.

Being single is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s probably better for you. You can take all your time and focus on making yourself happy and what you want. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to get married. There is no age where you are “doomed” if you haven’t met anyone yet.

For those in a committed relationship, you should not feel pressured to take the next step. There is no “right” diamond size size or ring price. If you are dating someone who is older than you who feels ready to settle down that does not mean that you have to feel ready. Yes, you are one  half of a relationship but that does not mean what feels right to your significant other feels right to you at the same time.

For those that have lost a spouse or significant other, there is not allotted amount of time for grieving. There is no magic number of days that should make you feel better. Like  the consumption of Reese’s, the grieving process is unique to every person. reeses-peanut-butter-400x400.jpg

You can be that person that eats all the chocolate off the peanut butter center of a Reese’s before indulging in the nutty goodness. You can be that person who seeks out a white chocolate Reese’s or Reese’s Pieces. Heck, you don’t even have to eat a Reese’s if you don’t want to. There is no wrong way.


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