The Purpose of my Words

Millions of thoughts demand my immediate attention
clogging my conscious and swirling in my brain.
It’s when I reach for a pen or my fingers touch a keyboard
that they are finally able to pour out of me like rain.

With each word I write and sentence I author
the fog dissipates and the air around me feels lighter.
My fingers fly across the keyboard and as my sprits lift,
I know I was meant to be a writer.

“Does anyone see your blog?” I have been asked this question countless times since I started writing posts in December. The truth is sometimes I don’t think anyone does. That could come down to any number of reasons. Maybe I forgot to share the post on my personal Facebook page, didn’t make the post enticing enough or the post didn’t interest potential readers. But you know what? That’s okay.

If I reach just one person who enjoys my post, that’s enough. If I don’t reach a single person, that’s still enough. The truth is, I write for me. Yes, the concept of the blog is to reach out to other 20 somethings with the same day-to-day struggles and successes. But also I’m one of those 20 somethings and getting those words out of my head and onto a page is truly wonderful.

I don’t need a pat on the back for each post I write, and frankly, sometimes I’m not satisfied enough with my work to feel I deserve one. Did you like the poem from above? It is also called “The Purpose of my Words.” I love poetry and have been writing poems on and off for years. Sometimes I share them and have even been published a few times, but mostly I write for me.

It’s pretty fitting that today is Dr. Suess’s birthday. He is my idol. He inspires me to keep writing poems and other works. So if you’ve read any or all of my posts, thank you. It’s an honor to share my work with you. To everyone out there that hasn’t, that’s totally okay. You do you and I’ll do me.


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