The Unattainable Credit Card

It may be time for me to come to terms with the fact that I might not be meant to have a credit card. This is a part of adulthood that I cannot seem to master. The other day I received another rejection letter and I find myself nearing a quarter of a century still not possessing a credit card.

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not foolishly applying for cards left and right like a desperate, crazy person. I just have horrible timing. The first time I applied for a big girl credit card I had just graduated college and hadn’t started paying off my loans. I applied for and was declined a Target card not long before because I’m cheap and I wanted a discount on the TV I was buying. The big girl card was declined because I didn’t have enough credit history and had applied too many times.

Unfortunately the week following my rejection prior to talking to a woman at Chase bank I was terrified. The reasons they listed for rejecting me were written in such a way where I was positive someone had stolen my identify. Not cool credit check people, not cool.

The lady with Chase bank explained to me after a few months of paying higher rent and making loan payments I would probably have a much easier time attaining a credit card and to consider starting with a store card because those are easier to get. Alright cool.

A few months later I acquire a Kohl’s Charge card and, more recently a Gordman’s credit card. Feeling like a pro I finally decide to attempt to apply for a real person credit card again. No dice.

This time there was a huge miscommunication I was not aware of. Somehow during my move last year my WE Energies bill stayed in my name for about two months longer than it should have. However, I did not know this. I never received the bills or any phone calls or anything so the account never crossed my mind. Well, it should have.

When I received my my most recent rejection letter this week one of the reasons listed as to why I was not eligible for the card was “serious delinquency.”  I panicked and immediately tracked down the free credit report I was allotted me following my application. I owed $127 to WE Energies. The charges were in collection and Harris and Harris was trying to get the money from me. Good to know.  Harris and Harris did call me a few times but I thought they were just telemarketer type calls and asked to be taken off their call list…oops.

I am willing to take the blame. I do not blame my landlord and, although I wish WE Energies would have made more of an effort to contact me, I do not blame them. I don’t even blame the new tenant living in my old apartment for waiting too long to change the bill over to her name. I should have made a phone call or something when I moved. I was terribly busy around the time of my move and am by no means surprised I forgot, but it sucks.

I have paid the fine and now I must wait to try yet again for a credit card in the future. Today sucks. Credit cards are stupid. Today I don’t want to be an adult. I am open to any advice and/or suggestions you may have on what type of card I should look into moving forward or how long I should wait. Anything really. Help me adult.


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