Car Trouble

For 24 short hours I had my state tax return in hand and thinking I could do whatever I pleased with it. Unfortunately, my car had different ideas.

For close to a month now my car has been making noise. When I first started to drive anywhere the back of my car would make squeaking sounds and when I got up to highway speed my entire car was loud. Almost deafeningly so. So what did I do? I ignored it. Seems logical right?

Wrong! I finally brought the Captain (yes my car does have a name) in for an inspection and I was told I would not be allowed to drive him home because my wheel could fall off. WHAT?!

My dad knows a ton about cars so, you know, since I existed in the same space as him for 18+ years I must have soaked something up, right? The answer is no. However, there is this handy thing called Google so I looked up the noises my car was making before I brought him in.

I chugged into Hometown Auto about a half hour being closing time for a quick inspection. I told the mechanic I heard older Camrys have been known for rear brake pad issues and my sister’s had had muffler problems so there’s a chance that is what was going on but could he please look at it so we can set up an appointment to fix my baby?

Twenty minutes later I was walking home to await a phone call telling me the Captain was feeling better. Apparently my wheel bearing was loose and that’s why my wheel could fall off if I were to continue to drive my car.

I had big plans for my state tax return. I had my eye on some derby gear and a massage. Turns out wheel bearings are expensive. Most of the check went toward footing the bill. So that’s a bummer.

The good news it my car is officially as quiet as ninja. And, as someone that drives a lot, it is incredibly comforting knowing my wheel is firmly in place. Am I disappointed? A little. Am I happy? Yes. Am I relieved? Very much so.

Shout out to all the used car drivers out there!


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