Five Lessons Twentysomething can Learn from Wonder Woman

Two nights ago I finally saw Wonder Woman. As someone who normally gravitates toward Marvel films I wasn’t sure what to expect. Yes, I had heard multiple raving reviews of the film, but I think it’s important not to go into a showing with your expectations too high. This has ruined movies for me in the past.

Mind. Blown. I love this movie. It is incredibly well done. Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins and the entire cast and crew did an amazing job creating this film. I left the theater feeling incredibly entertained and inspired.

Now that I have had a few days to process and continue to appreciate the film I have a few takeaways for all those Twentysomethings out there.

***SPOILER ALART*** While I won’t be giving away the ending I will be referencing parts of the film so if you have not seen it yet and want to be completed surprised, STOP READING!

1. The Outfit Matters

“How can a woman possibly fight in this?!” Diana asks this questions about one of many outfits she tries on to cover her Wonder Woman outfit and blend into 1940s London. Now, I don’t think any of us out there are looking for the perfect outfit to fight the god of war, but what you wear is important. If it is uncomfortable, restricting or it doesn’t suit  the activity you will be doing in it then it isn’t the right choice. Find what works.

2.Choose to do something

When Diana says she wants to help fight the battle raging in No Man’s Land, Steve tells her it’s not what they are there for but she fights the battle anyway. Sometimes you have to choose between doing something and doing nothing. Always do something. Act, don’t standby.

3. Be prepared

It is always better to be prepared. Diana’s mother is hesitant to let Diana learn to fight at the beginning of the movie, but she eventually gives in and its a good thing she does. Diana learns to kick some serious ass. It is always better to be prepared for whatever you are facing whether it’s a tough test or interview or a simple recipe. Be prepared, don’t make it harder for yourself before you start.

4. Be a leader

“What I do is not up to you.” This is Diana’s response when she enters the gala in search of General Ludendorff and Steve tries to stop her. Be a leader. No, I’m not asking you to chase a villain. Heck, I’m not even asking introverts to leave their comfort zone to become a vocal leader. Be your own leader. Don’t let other people make your decisions.

5. Believe

“Maybe it’s not what you deserve, but what you believe.” Steve Trevor says this to Diana when the war around her rages on and she begins to lose faith in mankind. It is important to believe. Believe in yourself and you can do amazing things.

These are only a few of the takeaway that can be found in Wonder Woman. I encourage you to see the film. I promise you will walk away feeling inspired and ready to take on the future.





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