Microadventures and Me

Wisconsin. Lakes are always just a quick drive away. Hiking, biking, cross country skiing, fishing and canoeing- you name it, we’ve got it.  Plus we have the Packers, good food, great beer and even better people. You can tell I’m a Wisconsinite through and through. I’ve been exploring and “Travel[ing] Wisconsin,” as our state tourism slogan boasts, for all of my 23 years.

I grew up camping with my family who decided a cabin was never quite the right fit because that would be too much commitment to one place.  There are too many lakes to swim, rivers to fish, and trees to climb. Our cabin was a mobile rig that included a boat, a few tents and some air mattresses in the back of a truck. Sometimes we would get a little luxurious and take bikes and a kayak with too.  This idea has fundamentally shaped how I view the world- so many places, so little time. We’ve made our way around exploring not only Wisconsin but national parks and outdoor havens across the U.S. and Canada.

Me –  majestically looking off into the distance at sunset. Peyto Lake, Banff National Park. Photo cred: my mom.

I studied abroad in college, taking trips every weekend and exploring as much as I could of Liverpool and the surrounding countryside. Once I hopped back across the pond, life seemed a little less exciting. Transitioning from having everything be new and exciting to returning back to the same college town was a little rough. I felt like a piece of me was missing. I wanted the excitement of discovering the best hot chocolate in town or hiking a hill to find an expansive view of a lake far below while the rolling Welsh hills surrounded me. (Pictured above- Connwy, Wales)

In order to fulfill this missing piece, I intentionally started taking microadventures. Microadventures are short adventures that are cheap and close to home yet still fun. I strive to check out new places often. Whether a it’s new restaurant that I’ve lived around the corner from for a solid six months, a new trail during one of my frequent visits to Lapham Peak State Forest, or an adventure across the country, I make an effort to keep exploring and pushing myself to never be comfortable. Some people strive for comfort, I strive for change.

So that’s what I’ve decided to write about in this blog. I will catalogue my microadventures and tell you all about the best beer I’ve had in Milwaukee or an adventure that happened while I backpacked in Ecuador. Or it might be a simple change of perspective on a normal day. I hope to inspire you to take a quick microadventure.  Microadventures are not just for weekends and days off, but it’s about taking on a perspective that allows you to be constantly surprised and never complacent. You may never know what adventure is waiting.

To My Lady Friends

To my lady friends,

I recently was working on project that included interviewing two teenage lady friends.

First of all, they were adorable.  They chatted about their musical taste, how they met, and the ups and downs of their high school experience.  As the interview progressed, they often laughed at our questions already knowing what the other was going to say.  When we asked about their guilty pleasure music, they answered for each other too embarrassed to say it themselves.

At one point, it developed into a compliment session.  Telling the camera why they admired each other and what they sought out in each other. One girl’s outgoing and bold personality complimented the others shy but confident demeanor.

As the interview progressed, I reflected on my own female friendships from my high school and college years.  Although I’m embarrassed to admit it, my eyes definitely misted up a few different times throughout the interview.  I laughed along knowing that if you were to put me in front of a camera with a number of my close female friends, a similar interview would play out.

I became acutely aware of the roles that my female friends have played in my life.  I thought of my friend who introduced me to the sounds of alternative music, the friend who was always there when you needed a good cry (or get ice cream three times in one day), the friend who pushed me out of my comfort zone, the friend who forced me to think differently, the friend who never let fear get in the way, the friend who you could count on to be down for ordering pizza with and knowing they wouldn’t count how many slices you ate.

These ladies have shaped me, pushed me, and accepted me.  Thank you.

But I’ve never sat across from these brilliant ladies and told them how important they are to me, why I admire them, or how they inspire me.

So I’m making it a personal mission this year to take the time to thank them for their help, guidance, and love.

Truly lady friends, you’re the best. I love you.




We11295938_10206714261804531_3569669413038039505_nlcome to our blog! All three of us graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in May of 2015. Residing in the same dorm building, our beloved Thomson Hall, we connected as Freshmen and enjoyed numerous invaluable adventures together throughout our college careers. From our Sweat suit Sundays to late night shenanigans we’ve had each others back through everything. Graduation was incredibly bittersweet and it was super tough to part ways.

Cue adulthood. We were all lucky enough to find jobs in our respective fields not long after graduating and are all navigating the obstacles and adventures the “real world” throws at us. Through this blog we aim to create content that makes you smile, chuckle to yourself awkwardly in public spaces, and reassure you that we understand the struggle. We welcome any questions, comments or post suggestions you may have. You can learn a little more about us individually in the tabs. Thanks for reading!