Let Freedom Ring

And the turtles of course…all the turtles are free
As turtles, and maybe, all creatures should be.
-Yertle the Turtle


A New Journey

I’m baaaack! I apologize for the short hiatus, but there has been a LOT going on lately. In addition to all the regular December things, plus a few birthdays, I got a new job!

So far I LOVE it. Tomorrow will be the last day of my second week and for the first time in a long time I am excited to go to work every morning. Where is this magical place you ask? Well, as of last Monday, I am the new Communications Specialist at the Baraboo location.

The position is similar in a lot of ways to my old position, but also different. My audience has changed from a a vacationing consumer to my colleagues. I still run two social media platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn, but I also run a ton of internal communication channels.

I think it was time for me to so something new. I wasn’t adamantly searching for a new position but when this opportunity fell into my lap I couldn’t pass it up. I am still working part-time in my old position until a replacement is found but on significantly cut down hours.

Things are a bit crazy with the extra part-time hours, but from what I can tell so far 2018 is going to be a great year for my career. I’m so excited!



Fending Off Shadows

Starting today the first Thursday of every month is going to be dedicated to poetry. Here’s is my first poem. I hope you enjoy it!

Fending Off Shadows

Thorns of pain and pinpricks of terror
bombard me from both sides.
I stagger through the chaos,
tension filling my strides.

As I attempt to navigate the hotbed of confusion
and ride constant ups and downs
I feel every possible emotion and
toss handfuls of glares, smiles  and frowns.

I fiercely try to fend for myself
even as desperation fogs my mind
seeking fun and laughter
in every corner I can find.

Even on the darkest days
when I’ve been beaten to the ground
I fight for happiness and freedom
so that it can always be found.

Because as bad as it gets
there’s always a reason to smile.
The most precious moments
make everything worthwhile.

That One Time I Led Derby Practice

First, I would like to apologize for not posting last week. I had a standard cliche post half written and I never finished it. My mom moved into a rehabilitation center last Wednesday and I was focused on making her comfortable. Anyway! Last week I led the final roller derby practice of the year and I think it went okay.

Up until this practice the only things I coached were little dribblers and a few short running clinics. In both instances the participants were quite a few years younger than me and were amazed by everything I did. This was not the case for roller derby practice.

The skaters who made it to practice had been skating for a few years longer than me and were not amazed merely by my existence. I was so nervous for this practice I was up late planning it and could barely sleep thinking about it. I left my house terrified, but ready for my newbie-structured practice. However, when I showed up at the gym there were no newbies there. Sickness and the holidays left me with four veteran skaters to coach. So I had to wing it.

I adapted the games into skills courses, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Now, don’t get me wrong my derby sisters are super fantastic people and wouldn’t have said anything even if my practice had been a mess, but I did not want them to feel like they had wasted their time by showing up.

I think it went okay. Was it perfect? No. Would I do it again? I think so.

Lessons learned:

  • don’t panic; derby people are awesome
  • be prepared to go off book
  • work on giving adequate feedback
  • learn to recognize mistakes
  • sleep the night before
  • CHILL!

Well I did it. There was no need for all the drama I poured into it either. Not to mention, I think I will coach some day. Will it be derby? I don’t know. But I think I would enjoy coaching a sport, especially after I have experience under my belt.

Thank you to the skaters who put up with my cluelessness. You guys are the best!

Photo credit: Bob Good