Becky VostersFor someone who works with words on a daily basis I’m almost always at a loss when I try to use them to describe myself. I tend to inform people of my excessive consumption of chocolate and love of running because those things are so obvious and easy. I’m also a considerable bookworm with a large passion for socks of every color, material and height. Like the bulk of ‘90s children, I have an affinity for Disney. My favorite Disney is film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and Esméralda is my go to Halloween costume. Dr. Suess is, by far, one of my favorite writers and I secretly horde my own poetry. Recently I have written poems using his style. Sarcasm is a ever-present tool in my life. Unfortunately I tend to use it when I shouldn’t. This fact in combination with my clumsiness, height and goofy laugh make me the awkward person that I am.