Living that Pet Friendly Life

I want a dog. I have wanted one for as long as I can remember. It might finally happen. Man, I hope it does. I absolutely cannot wait. However, it’s proving to be a much more daunting task than I imagined.


Unfortunately I have not struck gold since I moved to Baraboo so the first thing that I look for in a new property is the price tag. I am well aware that there are generally pet fees at properties that allow dogs. I also understand duplexes and houses often require yard work and, typically, less utilities are included in the rent. I was willing to make these sacrifices to finally adopt the dog I had been dreaming about since I was three years old.


I wish that being aware of all these things would be enough. Sadly that is not the case. Properties that are reasonably prices, not surprisingly, get snatched up pretty quickly. Those that don’t seem to be either available too soon or not soon enough. It’s a tough decision when a place is available too soon. Is it worth it to pay that much extra rent when you know rent is about to go up? How nice is the place? Can I afford that before I get my security deposit back?

Size Restrictions

I have always wanted a Golden Doodle. However, some apartments and buildings don’t have enough space and/or yard for me to justify getting a dog that size. No, Doodles are not huge but I also don’t want to force one to live in a smaller space than it would be comfortable with. On the plan B, to Pomsky.

Breed Restrictions

Okay so I find a place that’s affordable, is available at a convenient time and has enough space for a Pomsky, but there are breed restrictions. To be perfectly honest, I would be happy with virtually any dog. I want one that badly. But I had my heart set on a Pomsky and Huskys or anything mixed with a Husky are on the restricted breeds list. I cannot win.

I have not yet made a decision regarding where I will be living. The fact that I haven’t made a decision has me stressed out beyond belief. Should I cave and resign my current lease? What if I don’t and someone else looks at it, likes it and decides to live there and I haven’t found a new place yet? What if I do sign it and then find the perfect pet friendly place?

I have until the end of next week to decide and I’m so sick of looking for places, filling out applications and worrying I could puke. There are a few more options for me to view over the next few days and then it’s decision time.

Cross your fingers for me. I need all the help I can get.